random advice

“Be careful whose advice you buy, but, be patient with those who
supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of
fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the
ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.”

Remember, everything you post online is public. If you don’t want God, your spouse, your children or your mother to see it then don’t post it. Don’t think that just because it’s set to ‘private” that the right person couldn’t see it. I personally am always very careful about what i post no matter what. I know this may sound prudish but it’s part of the new technological fast world we live in. Plus the safety of your personal being could be compromised if you were to post something. In the words of my mother, Be careful what you wish for! you just might get it.


Monogamy aint for everyone

Sexuality is an interesting thing because we all have the capability of being sexual. It’s what we chose to do with that’s important. Even those like myself that don’t have a high sex drive still have the ability to be sexual. The way to bring that out is to have a partner that understands your needs. It is very difficult for some to tell their partner what their needs are but bu doing so your partner is able to learn what your needs and wants are and are more able to turn you on. Of course this helps your self-esteem. So why is it so difficult? Some would say it’s not polite. Even in the 21st century sex seems to be a topic that is considered taboo. Why is that? Everyone does it so why not be open with your partner about what you like and what turns you on. Sex is a natural normal part of life. Another thing, while we’re on the subject, why do people cheat? Most of the time it’s not because they don’t love their partner or enjoy being with them. It’s usually because their partner is not providing something they want. So why not make an agreement  and set down ground rules allowing your partner to be able to find it without the taboo of being caught. We use this on our children. When kids wants something and we say no they try harder to get it. However if we trust them and say it’s ok they don’t want it as much. So if I can get everyone on the same page to come to the this same conclusion the world would be a better place.

Big Bro

how do i connect with people i havent seen in over 25 years? signed big bro.

I’ve found from personal experience that having a conversation with that person is a good start. Find out what interests you have in common. I recently found my sister after a long separation and we discussed many things. We found that we have a lot in common even though we weren’t raised in the same family. Good Luck!


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